Monday, January 24, 2011

This Week

I honestly had a very difficult time getting into my knitting.  I spent days questioning what God expected me to do with our Ministry after I learned on Tuesday morning that our beloved friend Mwenebolongo had entered into God's Holy presence.  Tuesday was spent crying and trying to find the money we needed to transport his body from the city he was in, to the refugee camp to continue his trip back to Congo for burial.  When you ask in faith, God is ever faithful and He provided exactly the amount we asked for.  I picked up the money on Wednesday and wired it to Tanzania.  I have not heard anything about it yet.  I prayed as I sent it that the Pastor who would  be picking up the funds would remain safe and use it wisely.
God did answer my question concerning the Ministry.  His answer was that when he gave me this assignment, he was fully aware that he would be taking Mwene home before we were able to finish.  My job is to continue with the job he gave me and once I reach the dollar amount he gave me, he will tell me what he wants me to do with it.  So............I started knitting again.
100% Wool skirt and shorties.

I did not knit this skirt this week, I just managed to finish it.

My precious Libby modeling my fingerless mittens
100% wool

Another view.

Lace cuffed fingerless mittens.
Beautiful 100% wool
These are actually a Birthday Gift for Shaylene.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

This sweater was knit for a dear friend for her first great grandchild.
It is made from 100% wool, my favorite knitting medium.

One of these hats is sold.  The others are available.  I am not sure which one the customer will choose, she just wanted one made in our school colors.
This customer is allergic to wool, so these hats are acrylic.  Great for kids.
$15.00 each.

I call these socks Candy Corn
Acrylic $10.00 a pair.

Baby Bumble Bee
 Acrylic $10.00 a pair

Small baby rolled brim hat.
Made from Spud and Chloe
80% wool 15% silk