Monday, June 13, 2011


A month!  Partly because I did not like the pattern once I started it.  Had to work  out some kinks.  It is not an  American printed pattern so there were some terms that were not familiar.  I also reworked the bodice. It was suppose to be worked in garter stitch and I really do not like large amounts of garter stitch.  It is fine for definition.  I used it along the armbands and to separate the skirt from the bodice.

Close up of the stitch detail on the skirt.
Knit with Dale of Norway Baby Ull 100% washable wool.
Infant size.  Up to 12 months I would estimate.


  1. Very pretty! Was it made in the round?

  2. No, Henya, it is seamed up the sides. If ever I attempt again it will be in the round.